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William Mead Raymond

William Mead Raymond – Brother-in-law to Almond Fisk and heir to Fisk’s legacy

Biographay of William Mead Raymond

Born in 1825 in Charlton, New York, William Raymond took over his brother-in-law, Fisk’s, iron coffin business following his death. With the backing of wealthy family members and other business partners, William oversaw the day-to-day workings of the business for the next 27 years. William died in Kensington, England in 1882 and is buried in Orange, New Jersey. 

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iron coffin advertisment
Mid–1870s lithograph showing a wide variety of coffin designs offered by W. M. Raymond Manufacturing.
william raymond heir of Fisk Iron coffin business
Portrait of William Mead Raymond, 1860’s | From the Collection of Anne Fisk Wilce
Syracuse NY Evening chronicle 1855
rome newspaper archive william raymond
Rome NY Daily Sentinel 1853-1854 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Tribune historical newspaper archive william raymond
NY Tribune March 6, 1852
iron coffin newspaper ad
Armed Forces Journal International, Volume 2 June 24 1865
corning historical newspaper william raymond
Corning NY Journal 1867-1870

iron coffin advertisement lithograph

Controversial Lithograph 1865

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Documentary Viewing at William Paterson University

It was a pleasure to present my research at my undergrad school so many decades later.

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