Iron Coffin Mummy on PBS


Famous iron coffin funerals.

1849 – Former first lady, Dolley Madison

1850 – Former Vice President John C. Calhoun

1850 – Tennessee Congressman, Thomas Jefferson Campbell  

1850 – President Zachary Taylor 

1852 – Speaker of the House of Representatives, Henry Clay 

1852 – Secretary of State, Daniel Webster 

1858 – President James Monroe

1862 – William Wallace Lincoln

1862 – Samuel Colt

1865 – President Abraham Lincoln

1881 – President James Garfield

1881 – Members of De Long’s ill-fated Jeanette expedition to the North Pole

1882 – Irish Poet, Miss Fanny Parnell 

1886 – King Alfonzo of Spain

1889 – Maj. General Winfield S. Hancock

More information to come.

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Documentary Viewing at William Paterson University

It was a pleasure to present my research at my undergrad school so many decades later.

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A Brief History of Fisk’s Coffins

Fisk’s iron coffins are fascinating artifacts of a time when the clash between new technology and religious tradition was creating a spiritual crisis in the young country. They’re also a great example of how the unintended effects of one invention can beget new and seemingly unrelated inventions and even new industries. Iron coffins were created […]

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