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Captain William A. Pollard

Tales of Captain William A. Pollard's crime-fighting prowess were regular features in the newspapers on both banks of the Hudson.

Captain William A. Pollard 1816-1854

William Pollard was born in 1816 in downtown Newark, New Jersey. He spent his adult life in Jersey City where he had a distinguished career as a constable, fire chief and eventually deputy sheriff of Hudson County. He also was the founder of the Jersey City Continental Guard, a local militia. Pollard was considered a local hero and his crime fighting exploits were well documented in the news.  He died of a contagious disease, likely cholera, in Irvington on September 3, 1854, and was buried in the First Presbyterian churchyard in Newark, where his coffin was discovered in 2005, during the excavation of the Prudential Hockey Arena.

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Example of a typical police uniform during Pollard’s time.
Facial Reconstruction by Joe Mullins and Photos by Emily Mullins
Pollard’s Home – 16 Wayne Street, Jersey City | 1848
Pollard’s Home 25 Walnut Street, Newark, 1836
Pollard’s Coffin Opening at the Smithsonian Institute – 2009, Photo by Chip Clark


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