Iron Coffin Mummy on PBS


This project was the natural progression of my research involving three Iron Coffin Mummies discovered in New York and New Jersey over the past 12 years. The research involved with these three individuals opens up a divers world of everyday people who lived and died between 1764 and 1854 in Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey and Newtown, Queens, New York (now parts of Woodside and Elmhurst).

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Documentary Viewing at William Paterson University

It was a pleasure to present my research at my undergrad school so many decades later.

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A Brief History of Fisk’s Coffins

Fisk’s iron coffins are fascinating artifacts of a time when the clash between new technology and religious tradition was creating a spiritual crisis in the young country. They’re also a great example of how the unintended effects of one invention can beget new and seemingly unrelated inventions and even new industries. Iron coffins were created […]

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